We provide our patients with comprehensive medical care to help promote long-term health and wellness. This begins with performing complete physical wellness exams, otherwise known as an annual check-up appointment. We understand that people have more options available than ever before when it comes to seeking out medical care and advice.

There is incredible value in developing a sustained partnership with your primary care physician and their trained medical team over the years. Undergoing annual complete physical wellness exams allows our patients to keep track of the status of their health and wellbeing through the years and address any health conditions or illnesses before they become serious.

Complete physical wellness exams include 15 preventative care services that are recommended for adults including:

  • Measuring vital signs like blood pressure, height, weight, and body mass index (BMI).
  • A physical exam performed by an MD, NP, or PA.
  • An assessment of your past medical history and surgical history.
  • A discussion of your family history of illness and health conditions.
  • A rundown of your social and work history.
  • An evaluation of your current level of physical activity and goals for improving overall health.
  • An assessment of your immunization history and recommendations for upcoming immunizations.
  • Screenings for depression and alcohol misuse.
  • Discussion and schedule of appropriate cancer screenings.

In some instances, additional diagnostic tests like EKGs, urinalysis, and blood tests may be included as part of a complete physical wellness exam.

It’s so important to take a proactive approach to wellness and undergoing annual complete physical wellness exams is an excellent way to keep tabs on your health as the years go on.

For more information or to schedule your complete physical wellness exam, please contact us today.